What is thanky?

Thanky is a social network and a platform for community building that makes hassle-free getting to know people living around us, and discovering the benefits of good neighborly relations.

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What is it good for?

The team behind thanky has two missions

Globalisation and the online world estranged us from the place where we live. Our real, human connections are limited, caused by digital advances which make it harder to open in real life.

Thanks to thanky, we can reverse this process so we could easily make new neighborly relations.

Another major issue of our generation is the huge amount of waste, and the environmental degradation caused by this.

Our ultimate goal is to create a communication platform, where you can save time and money as you build a living network with your neighbors while at the same time making your area a better place to live with the power of the community.

How it works?


Register on thanky with your home address.


You instantly see people living nearby so you can start exploring the possibilities and people in your neighborhood.


Ask, give and organize - get to know people living around you, and develop good neighborly relationships.


Enjoy the endless possibilities through your new connections!

Borrow stuff

Why would you buy when you could borrow? Pointless to buy something that you will barely use. Ask and offer help for your neighbors!

What are you good at?

We should use our skills and tools to help our peers: you mow the lawn and she bakes a cake. You take care of the kids while he helps you shopping.

Build a liveable neighborhood!

You can easily organise events with our neighbors, from BBQ or repainting benches to guerilla gardening. It's up to you, how to build the best neighborhood for yourself and for your neighbors!

Happenings together

It's time to discover the possibilities within your neighborhood. Spend your free time where you live, hang out with your neighbors, organize garage sales, dog walking, jogging, ride sharing! With thanky all of them is easy and fun!

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Meet the team


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Read about thanky

“A Miutcánk-piknikek és a 2017-es Szomszédfesztivál is nagy sikerrel futottak, a sűrűbben lakott kerületekben összetartó közösségek alakultak ki, főleg Budán és belső pesti kerületekben erősek bevallásuk szerint.”

- Forbes

“A new social movement is rising, that can change the everyday life of the people in Budapest.”

- We Love Budapest

“usethanky.com answers the questions of nowadays crazy fast world and consuming society while it also exchanging trusting information about our enviroment.”

- Szeretlek Magyarország